~Mary and Jesse~

Mr and Mrs Kreager (285)

Mary and Jesse had a beautiful church ceremony with lights that lit the wall behind them with colors to match the flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses. Once the ceremony had ended, the wedding party gathered outside the church doors, preparing for the newlyweds to make their grand exit. As they stepped outside, Mary and Jesse were greeted by a swarm of bubbles and cheers of congratulations. Then the bride and groom rode off in style with their ’68 Chevelle that Jesse and his dad had spent years restoring.

The bridal party met at Paper Mill Island where there was a beautiful little park for us to explore and take pictures in. Mary and Jesse were awesome to photograph, completely willing to pose however we suggested. The bridesmaids were all too excited at the idea of having the groom lay across their laps for one photo! Once we were done with formal photos, we all joined the party inside The Red Mill Inn.

The rest of the evening was spent dancing and just enjoying good company, as any wedding should be. As toasts came to a close, the maid of honor/younger sister to the bride surprised everyone by singing and playing the ukulele in honor of the new addition to the family! The last surprise of the night came from the bride, who had a special cake made to be an exact replica of the ’68 Chevelle Jesse had worked so hard on. It was presented along side their wedding cake when it was finally time to dig in and grab a slice! It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!


~How Often Should You Schedule a Photo Session?~

So much goes on in the course of a year that it can be difficult keeping up with all those special occasions. And just as quickly as they came, they’re over. Events like baptisms, birthdays, graduations, or other parties can happen so fast that you might not remember most of the day and all those happy memories just slip away. That’s why hiring a photographer for these specific events can be so beneficial! We capture the memories so you can focus on the fun.

It’s always nice to hire a photographer for special events that only come once a year but what about all those moments in-between? Documenting your family’s growth can also be an important job for a photographer.

Think about scheduling at least one photo session for each of the following age groups:

Blog Post_5 Chart

Not to mention, professional photographs of the family make great gifts for relatives! Holiday themed photographs are always a big hit, whether they’re Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween or maybe just some fun seasonal photos!

~The Perfect Location~

There’s a great deal of planning that goes into portrait photography. Once you’ve found the perfect photographer, it’s time to think about things like outfits and props and locations! Here are a few tips to help you decide on the perfect spot for your on-location photo session.

Choose a Meaningful Place

You want your portrait to reflect who you are, whether it’s a photograph of your whole family or just you! The best way to help your photographer is by choosing a location that you have an emotional connection to. It could be a place you like to go to be alone or maybe where you met your spouse. Choosing a familiar location can also help you to feel comfortable, giving your photos a more natural and relaxed look.

Natural Light

Here at All Occasion Photography, we love using natural light to bring out your natural beauty. The sun provides the best lighting just after sunrise and just before sunset, when the sun is lower in the sky. This is the perfect time of day when the sun’s strong rays won’t cast harsh shadows across your face or cause too much squinting. It can also be helpful to choose a location with some shaded areas nearby, just in case the sun isn’t cooperating.


Consider places that have a variety of different backgrounds to pose in front of. This could be a number of things, such as, trees lining a pathway, a mural, an area with large rocks to sit on or tall grass to play in. The more options, the better!

Quiet Areas

It’s important to choose a location that doesn’t have a lot of activity going on so the main focus of the photographs can be you. Too much commotion can be distracting to both the photographer and the subjects posing. For these reasons, a more remote area will likely give the best results for your portraits.

Everyone has a story and it’s your photographer’s job to capture that story. All these location tips can help to ensure that your photographs reflect your unique personality!